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How free are you to be free? The answer to that question is not the same for everyone. Free to be Free is the latest site-specific performance by the Sites of Memory Foundation about freedom and resistance. 

Free to be Free takes the audience along stories and places that are connected to the colonial history in Amersfoort, Deventer and Utrecht. We can learn a lot from the freedom fighters of the past and from the people who are fighting for freedom today. How was freedom fought then and now? What forms of revolt and resistance are known? In this performance, stories about freedom and resistance in the past, present and future come to life through dance, theatre, poetry and music.

DATES 2023: 


15 juni - 8:15 pm

16 juni - 8:15 pm (premiere) 

17 juni - 3 pm & 8:15 pm

18 juni - 3 pm & 8:15 pm


8 Juli - 4 pm (premiere) & 8 pm

9 juli - 4 pm & 8 pm  


7 oktober - 8 pm

8 oktober - 8 pm(premiere) 

12 oktober - 8 pm

13 oktober - 8 pm

14 oktober - 8 pm


Ticket sales for Amersfoort en Utrecht have started. In Deventer, the performances for free as part of Deventer of Stelten Festival.

The performance is made in collaboration with Committee 30 June - 1 July Utrecht & Amersfoort, Theater Flint, Museum Flehite, Deventer op Stelten, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Museum Speelklok, Kosmopolis Utrecht, Black Heritage Tours Amsterdam, Mapping Slavery Project, Poetry Circle Nowhere.  

PR image Returning the Gaze Amsterdam.jpg

Credit: Judith Westerveld


Concept & artistieke leiding Jennifer Tosch, Katy Streek

Makers & performers Jomecia Oosterwolde, Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga, Juan Carlos Goillo, Jeannie Zuiderwijk

Script & tekst Jomecia Oosterwolde, Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga, Juan Carlos Goilo, Katy Streek, Jennifer Tosch, Jeannie Zuiderwijk 

Regie Katy Streek

Choreografie Jomecia Oosterwolde

Compositie & muziek Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga

Scenografie & Kostuumontwerp Alejita

Onderzoek Mapping Slavery Project, Kosmopolis Utrecht, Black Heritage Tours Amsterdam

Creative producer Gina Alina Patilea

Zakelijk leider Kimberley Smit

Marketing & communicatie Hahae Son

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