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Free to be Free is Sites of Memory's latest site-specific performance about freedom and resistance.

After successful performances in Amersfoort, Deventer, and Utrecht, the performance will be developed further. Audiences are taken on theatrical routes through different cities.

We can learn a lot from the freedom fighters of the past and certainly from the people who are fighting for freedom today. How was freedom fought for then and now? What forms of revolt and resistance are known? Through dance, theater, poetry and music, stories come to life, about freedom and resistance in the past, present and future.

Free to be Free was developed especially for the Memorial Year, which commemorates 150 years of abolition of slavery in the Netherlands and its (former) colonies. The effects of this past are still felt by many. Many people have to deal with institutional racism and reparations are not yet a reality.

As long as racism and exclusion resulting from colonial thinking and the slavery past are not structurally addressed, Sites of Memory asks the question: freedom for whom?

Intended for audiences ages 12+

Upcoming performances:

  • TBA

Past performance dates:

  • Amersfoort, Flint, Sint Aegtenkapel (Fri, June 16 - Sun, June 18)

  • Deventer, Festival Deventer op Stelten (Sat, July 8 - Sun, July 9)

  • Utrecht, Museum Speelklok / Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (Sat, 7 October - Sat, 14 October) 


Concept & artistic direction Jennifer Tosch, Katy Streek

Makers & performers Jomecia Oosterwolde, Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga, Jeannie Zuiderwijk

Script & text Jomecia Oosterwolde, Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga, Juan-Carlos Goilo, Katy Streek, Jennifer Tosch, Jeannie Zuiderwijk 

Directing Katy Streek

Choreography Jomecia Oosterwolde, Mohamed Yusuf Boss

Composition & music Jörgen Gario, Michael Wanga

Scenography & costume design Alejita

Flag design Raul Balai, Jarrett Erasmus

Research Mapping Slavery Project, Kosmopolis Utrecht, Black Heritage Tours Amsterdam

Creative producer Gina Alina Patilea

Business manager Kimberley Smit

Marketing & communications Hahae Son

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