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Returning the Gaze is Sites of Memory's latest site specific performance about whose voice is heard, ignored or acknowledged. The dominant, often white gaze versus the suppressed gaze from which colonial history is viewed, is central to this performance. Returning the Gaze is a theatrical walk about the colonial history of Haarlem told through dance, poetry, and live music.

The performers share the story of Susanna Dumion, who was born into slavery in Suriname in 1713 and died in Haarlem in 1818 at the age of 105. What was it like for her to live as a Black woman in Haarlem at that time? How is she remembered and how do we want to remember her?


2nd and 3rd July at 13:00 and 16:00, at De Schuur, Haarlem.

(The shows on the 2nd of July are SOLD OUT, so book fast!)


Starting location: De Schuur, Haarlem

Duration: 45 min

This performance will have text mainly in Dutch with sections of English and Papiamentu

Returning the Gaze is in collaboration with De Schuur, Mapping Slavery Project, Cultuursporen, DOX and Poetry Circle Nowhere and is made possible by VSBfonds, VriendenLoterij Fonds, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Provincie Noord-Holland, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland and Norma Fonds.


Press image Returning the Gaze Portrait Susanna copy.jpg

Credit: Sites of Memory
Based on a drawing of Susanna Dumion made t in 1813, collection Teylers Museum, artist unknown


Concept en artistieke leiding Jennifer Tosch en Katy Streek

Makers en performers Jomecia Oosterwolde, Jörgen Gario, Shishani, Judith Westerveld, Alejita 

Regie Katy Streek 

Script & tekst Jennifer Tosch, Katy Streek, Jörgen Gario, Shishani, Judith Westerveld

Choreografie Jomecia Oosterwolde

Compositie en muziek Jörgen Gario en Shishani

Scenografie en installatie Judith Westerveld

Kostuumontwerp Alejita 

Dans DOX

Koor Pata Pata

Onderzoek Mapping Slavery Project, Dineke Stam, Ineke Mok / Cultuursporen, Jean Jacques Vrij

Advies dramaturgie Maarten van Hinte

Productie Gina Alina Patilea

Zakelijk leider Kimberley Smit


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