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A theatrical journey of the colonial past 

Sites of Memory presents Future for the Past; A journey back in time to the connected colonial past between The Netherlands and South Africa. Artists from both countries translated their vision to this history in music, poetry, dance, visual art and theatre. With this site specific performance, Sites of Memory shares insight into how the colonial past plays a role in our present and to reimagine the future. Future for the Past takes the audience on a route through the city from the Slave Lodge, to Church Square and ending at the Castle of Good Hope. 


Future for the Past was presented in Cape Town from 3 to 5 December 2021 as part of restless exuberance featuring a public art symposium alongside live performances by Institute for Creative Arts. On the 27th of November they shared a teaser at Simon's Town Museum.

Jennifer Tosch and Katy Streek collaborated with South Africa artists Jarrett Erasmus, Luke de Kock, Toni Giselle Stuart and Dutch artists Jörgen Gario, Jomecia Oosterwolde, Raul Balai, Alejita Silva, to develop a surprising and engaging performance experience which gives food for thought.

Performance dates:

Saturday, 27 November (teaser) at 13:00 – Simon’s Town Museum

Friday 3 December at 13:30 – Slave Lodge 

Saturday 4 December at 11:00, 15:00 – Slave Lodge 

Sunday 5 December at 11:00, 15:00  - Slave Lodge 


Duration: approx 80 min

The performance is in English (with texts in Dutch, Afrikaans and Papiamentu)

Future For the Past is in partnership with Institute of Creative Arts, Castle of Good Hope, Iziko museums of South Africa, Jazzart Dance Theatre, Simon’s Town Museum, Mapping Slavery Project, Poetry Circle Nowhere, Black Heritage Tours and is made possibie by Fund for the Performing Arts, Dutch Culture - Matchingfonds, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, VSB Fonds, Mondriaanfonds.


Concept & Co-producers: Jennifer Tosch & Katy Streek

Director: Katy Streek

Storytelling: Jennifer Tosch

Script: Jennifer Tosch, Toni Giselle Stuart, Jörgen Gario & Katy Streek

Poetry: Toni Giselle Stuart & Jörgen Gario

Choreographer & dance: Jomecia Oosterwolde & Luke de Kock

Artist & Print design: Raul Balai aka el bastardo & Jarrett Erasmus

Costume design: Alejita Silva

Music & Soundscape: Jörgen Gario, Toni Giselle Stuart, Garth Erasmus & Jarrett Erasmus

Dancers South Africa: Keagan Damons, Savannah Petrus, Abigail Overmeyer, Liam Lottering, Rian Jansen, Lisakhanya Nongqongqo (Jazzart Dance Theatre)

Spoken word performers: Houda Bibouda, Karim Ellouta (Poetry Circle Nowhere)

Business manager: Saskia Groot

Creative producer: Gina-Alina Patilea & Natalie Harper

Film and editing aftermovie: Lindsey Appollis & Mandelise van Loggerenberg

Historical sources: Mapping Slavery Project, Castle of Good Hope, Iziko Museums of South Africa, Simon's Town Museum.



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