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Welcome to the Sites of Memory Creative Archive, a space where you can read background information about the sites, listen to performance text and watch 360 videos. This space allows you to navigate through stories from The Netherlands to South Africa., from past, present and future. 


Future for the Past: A journey back in time to explore “hidden” stories from the colonial past. Artists from The Netherlands and South Africa reframe history through music, poetry, dance, visual art and theatre. With this project, Sites of Memory shares insight into how the colonial past plays a role in our present and to reimagine the future.

Wat does freedom mean to you? 



This synagogue was inaugurated in 1675, replacing the former synagogue on the Houtgracht (now Waterlooplein), which was in use by this Portuguese Jewish congregation since 1639. Portuguese Jews often worked as merchants and some of them traded in enslaved people, in networks with Christian enslavers. With their arrival in the Dutch Republic some Jewish merchants brought Black men and women with them as 'servants'. Legally, the practice of slavery was prohibited on Dutch soil, but it was not always equally applied or enforced. Many were forced to remain as servants, convert to Judaism and attend the services at the synagogue. Sephardi ladies used to send female servants early to hold their seats in the women's galleries so they could arrive late, a habit which was stopped by the board. Just as the Ashkenazi Jewish servants the 'negras y mulatas' were no longer welcome to arrive early and hold seats at the first four rows.



In the middle of the seventeenth century there was a Black community living in Amsterdam. The majority of the community lived in the area around the Jodenbreestraat. The 17th century map reveals that there was a city cemetery next to  Hortus Botanicus, now still an unmarked lawn. This is the area where  hundreds of women, children and men of African, Caribbean and East Indian descent were buried.



In 1636 the city of Amsterdam established a botanical garden to study and display the seeds and plants that VOC and WIC ships brought to Amsterdam from all over the world. The VOC and WIC stole hundreds of seeds, saplings, and plants from across the world, and brought them back to The Netherlands. The colonisers also took their own seeds, plants, and trees and planted them in the colonized areas. In the Hortus stands the oldest potted plant in the Netherlands, known to the Xhosa people in South Africa as the Breadfruit Tree.

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I have to learn

To listen

To my grandmother's knowledge

How everything moves

I have to learn

To listen

To the legacy around me

That resonates in my heart, in my dancing feet, in my restless hands

Tn my genes

Because the one

Who could tell

Doesn't tell anymore


I hear you, grandma

In the stones, I hear crying

In buildings, I hear mourning

Whispering in the darkness

Stories that are being shared

Stories that are being told

Stories that are being heard



Be quiet!


Don't say so much

Listen more

Listen along

Listen to me



Ground me

Nothing is mine

Ground me

I am grounded here, but a bastard

I put my ear to listen to the ground

Ground me, I belong here


Water try to listen to what I’m saying. 

Because I sometimes say something, that I don’t hear  myself



In the name of the wind

The head can think again

In the name of the sun

Find warmth within ourselves



In the name of borders

Keep finding them

In the name of resistance

We stand up



Or she stays seated on the bus

To stand for herself and others

For those who were not heard, not seen, but carried



In the name of transformation



I continue to immerse myself in the icy water

Until my body can no longer feel

Until I can no longer hear my own thoughts

In the name of listening

In the name of healing

In the name of transformation


And each time, another person is the main character in the story of creation. 

Today it’s you, tomorrow it's somebody else. 


In the name of listening

In the name of healing

In the name of transformation



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